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        Malsch TechnoValuation: > English pages

        LinkedIn profile Ineke Malsch:

        NMP-DeLA: Nano, Materials & Production Technologies Deployment in Latin America: / Download flyer.

        NanoEIS: Nanotechnology Education for Industry and Society

        ICPC-NanoNet (reports & webinars)




        Ineke Malsch (2013): Nano-Education in Europe: nano-training for non-R&D jobs, in Nanotechnology Reviews, ahead of print, december 2013:

        Ineke Malsch & Claude Emond (eds) Nanotechnology and Human Health, CRC Press, Boca Raton, August 2013: 

        Ineke Malsch (2013): Responsible Innovation in Practice. Concepts and Tools, in Philosophia Reformata 78 (2013) I 47-63,

        Ineke Malsch (2013): EthicSchool: Training Responsible Nano-Innovation, poster presented at EuroNanoforum 2013, 18-20 June 2013, Dublin

        Ineke Malsch (2012): Responsible Innovation in Practice, in proceedings 2nd World Sustainability Forum, 1-30 November 2012:

        Ineke Malsch (2011): Ethics and Nanotechnology; Responsible Development of Nanotechnology at Global Level in the 21st Century,

        EthicSchool Flyer.

        ObservatoryNano reports (2008-2012): Responsible Nanotechnology, NanoBioethics, Nanoethics in ICT and Security, Communicating Nanoethics, Workshop Report Responsible Innovation.

        Poster Nanobiosecurity.

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