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        Comparing regulatory and industrial priorities in governance of nanomaterials

        The Journal Environment, Systems and Decisions just published “Comparing mental models of prospective users of the Sustainable Nanotechnology Decision Support System”, by Ineke Malsch and colleagues of the project Sustainable Nanotechnologies ( Mental modelling analysis can be a valuable tool in understanding and bridging cognitive values in multi-stakeholders’ communities. It is especially true in situation of emerging risks where significant uncertainty and competing objectives could result in significant difference in stakeholder perspective on the use of new materials and technologies. This paper presents a mental modelling study performed among prospective users of an innovative decision support system for safe and sustainable development of nano-enabled products (SUNDS). These users included representatives of industry and regulators, as well as several insurance specialists and researchers. We present methodology and tools for comparing stakeholder views and objectives in the context of developing a decision support system.   View online:

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