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        What is EthicSchool?

        Of course, your company or organisation favours responsible innovation. But what does it mean? Sustainability: how does that work in practice? What do emerging technological developments have in store for future generations? EthicSchool offers in-company training and lectures about responsible innovation and ethical technological development for professionals, students and others. EthicSchool also implements modules on Responsible Innovation in the framework of (international) R&D projects. The website furthermore offers relevant news, background information and links.

        EthicSchool organises workshops and in-company training in Responsible Innovation. As a professional you gain insight in possible societal objections against the technology you are developing. The introduction of new technologies like nanotechnology, life sciences and ICT is accompanied by ethical dilemmas. You make your acquaintance with arguments for and against the development or use of your technology for sensitive applications such as healthcare, security or food. This helps prepare you for the dialogue with concerned citizens and teaches you to target your scarce resources better towards societally desirable products.

        EthicSchool is an initiative taken by Malsch TechnoValuation, a consultancy in the area of Technology and Society, located in Utrecht since 1999. EthicSchool builds upon a former European project.

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