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        Integrate Social Science and Technology Studies in Natural Science and Technology Education

        On 9 November 2017, Prof. Sheila Jasanoff (Harvard University) pleaded for integrating training in social science and technology studies (STS) in higher education of natural scientists and engineers, instead of bioethics. STS was more suitable to raise awareness of societal needs and values held by lay citizens, important for the acceptance of the technologies developed by these scientists. She was the special guest speaker on innovation and ethics invited by the Rathenau Institute in The Hague. Jasanoff presented the contents and context of her recent book “The Ethics of Invention”. The book had originally been solicited by Amnesty International, but during the writing process, this NGO lost interest in it. The presence of a representative of this NGO in the audience offered perspectives for rekindling interest in responsible innovation among its members. Info: and

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