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        European Green Week kicked-off

        On Pentecost-Monday, 21 May, I attended the kick-off event of the EU Green Week in Utrecht. The programme featured a wide variety of policy discussions, practical workshops, a sustainable marketplace and green and healthy leisure activities such as a cycling tour. Interviews with the majors of Utrecht and Tirana clarified the dilemmas faced by local policymakers in trying to implement European and international policies for sustainable development. Unfortunately, little room was reserved for questions from the audience, suggesting that the organisers were more interested in educating the public than in engaging in dialogue. The two workshops I attended were showcases of initiatives from local entrepreneurs aiming for green roofs and sustainable fashion, offering little room where the audience could put forward their own concerns or solutions. In addition, I missed critical voices arguing why some promoted solutions were perhaps less ideal than expected. To conclude: the event was informative and motivating for believers in sustainability, but less useful for entrepreneurs wanting to contribute to sustainable development.

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