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        REACH review discussed with stakeholders

        The European Commission consulted stakeholders on the REACH regulatory review 2017, during a workshop in Brussels on 11 June 2018. Many participants commented on opportunities for better integration of the legislation governing chemicals and occupational health and safety. On the positive side, REACH had contributed to improved knowledge about chemicals safety in the industrial value chain through Safety Data Sheets.  Transmitting this information into risk assessments should be made more user-friendly for downstream users. The predictability of authorisations of hazardous chemicals should be improved, to enable cooperative projects promoting substitution. The efficiency and proportionality of REACH should be improved, and tools fostering voluntary approach in REACH should be further developed. Companies need a more effective and efficient enforcement to achieve a level playing field. Customs authorities and worker protection authorities have a big role to play. Complementarities between REACH and other relevant legislation must be ensured, and overlap avoided. Representatives of SMEs from different sectors contributed to the discussion. After the final deadline for registrations under REACH, the obligations for SMEs to submit and update dossiers will not stop. Therefore, support for SMES through an SME helpdesk must remain in place. The Commission will take all stakeholder comments into account in future policy making. Info: 

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